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Akron Ohio Tile Roofing Specialists

RFD Services specializes in a variety of tile roofing. Tile roofing, like most roofing, comes in a variety of styles, colors and chemical make-up. Ludowici clay tile is a natural roofing alternative that creates a timeless look of beauty. Its durability, style, and elegance rival the earthy slates. Building this roof requires the same attention to detail.

All accessories to this premium roof should be of the same quality. Titanium UDL underlayments, copper nails, copper valleys, and copper flashings are used on every roof. Concrete roof tiles like Monier Lifetile are a another fantastic option. One of the advantages of concrete tile is that it is available in a light weight version for roofs that were not originally engineered to carry the weight of tile.

Tile Roof Systems

We specialize in the inspection and maintenance of clay and concrete tile roofing. Our services include tile roof inspections, tile roofing repairs and maintenance. We want every customer to have a tile roof that looks great, keeps the water out, and is designed for minimal maintenance.

Many roofers little to no experience with tile and are unable to accurately diagnose tile roof issues, and repair them properly. RFD Services are the experts when it comes to tile roof repair – including all types of slate, clay, concrete and light-weight tile roofs.

The Look & Protection You Want‎

Regular maintenance of your tile roof will prevent costly repairs and save you money in the future. A broken tile that goes unnoticed, or a build-up of debris, can allow water to seep in and cause significant damage to the tile roofing system. With scheduled tile roof maintenance, you can catch minor problems early and avoid more expensive roof repairs in the future.

Professional Tile Roofing Services

Your roof is the most important part of your home. No two roofs are identical and not every roofing company is the same. 90% of the work we do is re-doing recent roof repairs done by other companies.

Slate and tile roofs are precision systems that require regular inspections and maintenance, to ensure they have a long life. Always get a professional roofing contractor with experience on all types of roofing materials to inspect and repair your roof. At RFD Services, we always offer the most professional roofing repair services. Maintaining your tile roof before small problems become big problems well help it last for years to come. It will also help boost your home’s future selling price!

Whether you have a slate roof, tile roof or asphalt roof, we work on any type of roofing material.

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