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RFD Services has become a leading installer of Stone Coated Steel roofing systems from companies like Decra. We love installing Decra Roofing products. We know that with every Decra Roof we put on, we have a satisfied customer for life. The product not only looks good, but is one of the most durable long lasting products on the market today.
Stone coated steel has made an impact in the roofing industry and continues to offer progressive advantages and benefits to homeowners.

Stone Coated Metal Roofing

In the past, there were only a couple of types of metal roofing — corrugated metal, which has definitely improved over time but aesthetically has always been limited in options, or the much more costly copper cladding.

Today, there are many more options, including the latest product – stone-coated metal roofing. Stone-coated steel roofing is combined with the look of tile, shake or shingle to give a strong, durable roof along with fantastic good looks. Whatever the style of your home or property, you will likely be able to find a metal roofing product to match your needs.

The Look & Protection You Want‎

Perhaps the most amazing thing, besides how the product looks, is its longevity. Every 10 to 20 years, an asphalt or composite roof will need to be replaced, while stone-coated steel is good for almost a lifetime. It may be more expensive than traditional roofing options, but it generally lasts forever with minimal maintenance.

Stone Coated Steel Roofing Specialists

  •  Long Lasting 50-Year Warranty – The standard warranty for stone coated steel roofs is 50 years, and it is transferable to future homeowners. The average warranty for asphalt roofing products is only 20 years.
  •  Extreme Protection – The roof material is far more resistant to large hailhigh windsheavy rainfires and ice damage. Many other roofing products can get damaged or burned easily in the extreme weather or disaster.
  •  Highly Energy Efficient – The roof panels are shaped with an energy-saving cushion called “Above Sheathing Ventilation”. This technology provides better insulation over products that lay flat on the roof. In the summer, less heat makes it into the attic. In the winter, less heat leaves the attic. These characteristics have a direct impact on lowering your energy bill.
  •  Environmentally Friendly – The metal material is made of 50% recycled steel, and is totally recyclable after it’s 50-year lifespan. The stone coating is made from oil-free natural stone granules, which are coated and colored with a ceramic layer. In comparison, asphalt shingles are made from petroleum and fiberglass, and have a larger carbon footprint and shorter lifespan than stone coated steel roofs

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